Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

Well folks, it's sunday night and while every other sane person in america is sleeping in anticipation of tomorrow's work day, I'm baby-proofing my bedroom at 1am.

Okay, don't faint in shock. Look out your window. Do you SEE three wise men coming from the east, bearing gifts? Or just three big dumb guys wanting 10 bucks so they can get some brewskies?

Yeah. I've purposely shut down the baby factory folks; I make a better aunt than a mother, so just do NOT go there. The baby factory's been replaced with an amusement park.

But I am an outstanding aunt.. just ask my nephew Jerry. (ha ha) For thanksgiving, my grandniece and grandnephew are coming for the second time in a week, and this time I'm plunking that little family in my bedroom. So heigh ho, heigh ho, it's babyproofing I go. Gone are the dangling power cords, the tempting tissue box on a low shelf, just begging for a 1-yr old to empty it one tissue at a time, and all the clever little candles and tchotchkes that babies just looooove to pick up. And put in their mouths. Or fling haphazardly across the room when boredom strikes or when they spot something new and shiny to grab... whichever comes first.

See? Told ya. I'm an outstanding aunt. On weekends and holidays, that is. Monday through Friday I'm your computer guru, missing her turban, rescuing the virus-infected and updating websites all over the country. Dang. Where IS that turban, anyway?

So at 1:00am on a sunday (excuse me Ms. Computer Geek, it's actually Monday) I'm cleaning and rearranging all the little things that look just fabulous to an adult, and dangerously captivating to a toddler.

After you read this, you're probably thinking that they're coming tomorrow (today you geek, it's MONDAY, remember?). But no. They'll be here Wednesday night. But being that I'll be knee-deep in website updates and broken computers for the next three days, I'm taking every available moment to get the personal stuff done.

The dog is snoring. I think she's giving me a subtle hint that maybe sleep would be a good idea.

But just a hint before I log off... the new website is up. Missing a few items I didn't get a chance to finish, but it's up and I provided a few helpful downloads for those of you in dire need of a copy of Spyweeper that will actually clean up your infected files prior to the end of the 30day trial. Click here to jump to the downloads section.

It's an earlier version of course... but hey, you're welcome.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome to My WitzEnd!

To all who pass through here, welcome....

This blog is comprised of the meanderings of a computer consultant/writer/artist/caregiver... which means , in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "Ya nevah know what you're gonna git!!"

Some days you may get computer advice. Other days it may be an introspective on the day's events. And most of the time you'll get something completely twisted. But you WILL be entertained. (at least this appears to be the consensus of anyone who knows me...)

To which I say... get in, sit down, strap in, shut up and hold on.