Sunday, March 22, 2009

Has it really been that long?

Yes folks, she's back.

True to the old adage that it's the roofer's house that's always got the loose shingles, my website is always low man on the totem pole in the WitzEnd World. But it finally got its due, this month.

New stuff is UP!

And more is coming. Although I've wanted and planned to upgrade for some time, part of this was motivated (and definitely pushed by) new Flash classes I was teaching. It seemed a little silly that here I was scheduled to teach Flash and I still hadn't even finished the flash I was planning for my own site. So sad!

But hey, I did it! Or at least got a large chunk of it up... keep checking back. I have a whole new section coming that may surprise some of you (but not all of you who know what I used to do prior to morphing into a computer geek!). It's major.

And as is the norm for a little brown geek on a Sunday night, approaching midnight... I'm working on more stuff.

Just keep checking back. Trust me. :)


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